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Scituate Food Pantry - Hope Library
Hope Library is a  donation center for the Scituate Food Pantry.
  Please bring in donations of non-perishable food items any time during library hours.
Thank you!



High Risk Rural Road Improvements by the RI Department of Transportation

Many residents have asked about improvements that started recently on some Town Roads.  Specifically, double yellow center lines have or will be painted on Trimtown Road, Bungy Road, Rocky Hill Road, the north segment of Gleaner Chapel Road, Westcott Road and Central Avenue.  This work was designed and is being paid for by RIDOT; there is no Scituate tax money involved. The pavement markings also include white edge lines.

The project scope involves placing secondary stop signs at several (20) intersections; there will be no new stop sign locations.  At 4 various locations, “curve warning” signs will be installed.

This RIDOT project was reviewed by the Town last year and we have agreed to maintain the improvements, once installed.








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Hope Associates, Inc.


Scituate Residents


Hope Pond


     Hope Pond is maintained for passive, recreation activities by Hope
Associates, Inc.  a private, non-profit, volunteer based organization.  Hope Pond is private property open to Scituate residents and is located off of Ryefield Road in Hope Village .


     In order to maintain a safe, family friendly environment please respect the following user guidelines:


§  Town of Scituate residents only




§  Property closed dusk to dawn

§  Dispose of all refuse responsibly


     Hope Pond is a great place to relax on the beach, picnic, swim in the fresh water, fish, kayak, fly a kite, kick a soccer ball, etc.  Bathroom facilities are not available and water activities are at your own risk as lifeguards are not provided. The Town of Scituate uses Hope Pond to facilitate the summer youth program. Access to Hope Pond is restricted during the town’s summer youth program hours.  


   Scituate Reservoir Watershed Public Field Tours
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Caring for the sick and injured is challenging, rewarding and dynamic!

If you have a strong desire to make a difference in your community, consider volunteering for the

Scituate Ambulance and Rescue Corps




People from all walks of life, neighbors helping neighbors, make volunteer ambulance corps what they are today. If patient care does not appeal to you,

consider providing:

·      Administrative help

·      Fund-raising help

·      or Assistance with vehicle and

       grounds maintenance.

Join us today!!!

Scituate Ambulance & Rescue Corps

1003 Danielson Pike

North Scituate, RI 02857 77


apply online today


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