Conservation Commission

Thomas Angell, Chairman
Cynthia Gianfrancisco, Vice Chairman
Donald Gainey
Susan Scanlon
Michael Capirchio

 Sara Adams

Susan Scanlon

Ruth Strach

Land Trust

Thomas Angell, Chairman
Michael Capirchio, Vice Chairman
Walter Powell
Francis Gordon
David Ellingwood, Sr.
Sara Adams 

Susan Scanlon 



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Posted 1/8/2015


                                                                                    Scituate Conservation Commission and Scituate Land Trust

1315 Chopmist Hill Road, N. Scituate , 02857

* Chopmist Hill Center : Meeting Room

Tuesday, January 13, 2015 7:00 pm

Note:  Joint Meeting




I. Call to order


II. Roll Call


III. Secretary’s Reports


IV. New LT/Con Com Business

            1. Discovery of Invasive Aquatic Plant in Scituate: Yellow Floating Heart

            2. LT/CC Budget

3.  Correspondence


V. Old LT/Con Com Business

1.      Properties

a.       Lawton Farm

                                                                           i.      Hayfield and invasive management

                                                                         ii.      DEM Grant

b.      Tasca Field

c.       Westconnaug Meadow

d.      Esek Hopkins

e.       Brightman Farm

2.      Website Revisions Update

3.      Town Comprehensive Plan

4.      Annual Meeting Update

5.      Land Donation Policy


VI. LT/Con Com Audience Participation


VII. LT/Con Com Adjournment



Individuals requesting interpreter services for the deaf or hard of hearing must call 647-2822 seventy two (72) hours in advance of this meeting. TTY # 1-800-745-5555.


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