Scituate Historical Cemeteries


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1 Westcott Farm, west side Ide Road.
2 Aldrich Willmarth Lot, east side Ide Road.
3 Dexter Lot, 501' North of Rocky Hill Road.
4 Cornell, Angell Lot, 150' South Rocky Hill Road.
5 Brownell Lot, northwest side Rocky Hill Road, west of Steere Farm.
6 Brown Lot, northeast side of Tourtelott Hill Road.
7 Brown Lot, Rocky Hill Road, south side of road.
8 Dexter Lot, southwest side Dexter Lane.
9 Salisbury & Cole Lot, southwest side of Dexter Lane.
10 Bishop Bowen Lot, east side of Elmdale Road.
11 Slack Lot, south side of Elmdale Road.
12 Durfee, Hopkins, Capwell Lot, south side Hartford Pike.
13 Fenner Lot, south side Hartford Pike.
14 Westcott, Wilkinson Lot, north side Hartford Pike, 600' in.
15 Smith Lot, south side of Silk Lane 75' in.
16 Mathewson Lot, West Greenville Road.
17 Tourtelott Lot, west side Chopmist Hill Road.
18 Hopkins Pike, north side Danielson Pike.
19 Smith Lot, north side Danielson Pike.
20 Aldrich Lot, south side Hartford Pike.
21 Dexter Lot, north side Danielson Pike approx. 150' in.
22 Randall- Arnold Lot, east side Elmdale Road.
23 Harris- Davis Lot, northeast side Spring Grove Road.
24 Smithville Lot, east side Greenville Road.
25 Smith Lot, north east side Route 6.
26 West Lot, south side Danielson Pike.
27 Walker Lot, east side of Trimtown Road.
28 Tanner Lot, east side of Trimtown Road.
29 Salisbury- Arnold Lot, south of Dexter Lord Road.
30 Kimball Lot, south of Danielson Pike.
31 Glemford Lot, south side of Hartford Pike at Angel Lane.
32 Baker Lot, west side Darby Road.
33 Year- Howard- Phillips Lot, east side of Darby Road.
34 Boss Lot, east side Rockland Scituate Road.
35 Burlingame Lot, north of Central Pike.
36 Cole Lot, east side Trimtown Road.
37 Seagraves- Brown- Sprague Lot, south side Central Pike.
38 DeVaul Cemetery, 100' north of Round Hill Road.
39 Barden- Round- Bishop Lot, north side Round Hill Road.
40 Westcott Lot, 1,000 yards from the west side of Westcott Road.
41 Smith Lot, west side of Westcott Road.
42 Angell Lot, west side Gleanor Chapel Road.
43 Mathewson Lot, East side Trimtown Road.
44 Salisbury- Atwood Lot, west side Trimtown Road.
45 Henry Lot, north side William Henry Road.
46 Taylor Lot, northeast of Brandy Brook Road.
47 Salisbury Lot, West side Trimtown Road.
48 Andrews Lot, east side of East Road.
49 Barnes- Potter Lot, east side of East Road.
50 Rockland Lot, Northwest of Plainfield Pike.
51 Barden Lot, 1/2 mile west of Reservoir, off Plainfield Pike.
52 Waterman Lot, west side of East Road.
53 Fenner Lot, east side of East Road.
54 King- Hill- Jones & Simmons Lot, moved across west side Knight Hill Road.
55 King Lot, east side Knight Hill Road.
56 Roberts- Brackett Lot, east side Washington Road.
57 Potter- Baker Lot, south side off Field Hill Road.
58 Bennett- Gardner Lot, North side Field Hill Road.
59 Field Lot, south side Field Hill Road.
60 Salisbury- Knight Lot, north side Old Plainfield Pike.
61 Wilbur Lot, east side of Tunk Hill road, 300 yards in on Reservoir property.
62 Wilbur- Eddy Lot, north side off Plainfield Pike.
63 Thomas- Weaver Lot, east side Tunk Hill road.
64 Fiske Lot, north side Scituate Avenue, 150 yards.
65 Potter Lot, north side Old Plainfield Pike.
66 Young Lot, south side Old Plainfield Pike, corner Carpenter Rd.
67 Parker Lot, 300' southeast of Plainfield Pike.
68 Knight Lot, east of Tunk Hill Rd., on Reservoir property 1/2 mile in.
69 Graves Lot, southeast side of Scituate Avenue.
70 Fisk Lot, west of Seven Mile road, 300' in.
71 Williams Lot, Old Plainfield Pike trail leading south.
72 Fiske Lot, south Old Plainfield Pike.
73 Whipple Lot, off Plainfield Pike adjoins Cemetery #67.
74 Lawton Lot, north side of Old Plainfield Pike.
75 Whitman Lot, Southwest of Tunk Hill road.
76 Potter Lot, east side Tunk Hill Rd., Reservoir Property.
77 Potter- Randall- Phillips Lot, east side Nipmuc Road.
78 Whipple Lot, 75 yards southest side of Old Plainfield Pike.
79 Potter- Burlingame Lot, east side Nipmuc Road.
80 Wilbur Lot, northwest side Burnt Hill Road.
81 Fiske Lot, Southeast Burnt Hill Road.
82 Howard Lot, east side of Howard Avenue.
83 Cottrel Lot, West side Seven Mile road.
84 Bryant- Northup Lot, southeast Matteson Rd.
85 Matteson Lot, Southeast Matteson Road.
86 Yeaw- Colvin- Carpenter Lot, west side Carpenter Road.
87 Colvin Lot, east side of East Road.
88 Harrington Lot, east side of East Road.
89 Blanchard Lot, 200' on east side of Greenville road.
90 Potter Lot, North side Burnt Hill Rd., 300 yards off road (Rathbun Farm)
91 Rathbun Lot, 100' on the north side of Old Plainfield Pike.
92 Kimball Lot, Elmdale road, 200 yards rear of Jackson house.
93 Smith Lot, east side, opposite Glenford Cemetery #31.
94 Profit & Franklin Cemetery, west side Madison road.
95 Olney Lot, 100' in on west side Peep- Toad road.
96 Quaker Cemetery, 300' on north side of Route 101.
97 Greyson Lot, rear of house at junction of Danielson Pike and Hartford Pike.
98 Mathewson Lot, Winsor Avenue, south side of road.
99 Matteson Lot, north side of Hope Furnace Road.
100 King Lot, 1/4 mile on south side of Old Plainfield Pike.
101 Unknown Lot, 150' west on Washington Road.
102 Yeaw Lot, Northwest side Cole Avenue, 150' in.
103 Simmons Lot, 3/4 mile south side Tunk Hill Road.
104 Franklyn Lot, 150 yards on north side Mt. Misery Trail.
105 Stone Lot, 300 yards on west side Carpenter road.
106 Walker Lot, 150' north side Danielson Pike.
107 Sarle & Waterman Lot, 3/4 mile east from Rt.116 on Byron Randall Rd., 150 yds. South.
108 Unknown Lot, 100 yards in from Central Pike on Reservoir Property.
109 Kimball & Atwood Lot, 1 mile south of Central Pike in on Reservoir propery,
Battey Meeting House Road.