Kenneth P. Borden, Chair
Dennis J. Charland, Vice Chair
Paul R. Durfee

Stephen B. Gaddes
Thomas C. Stones
Joseph D. D'Amico, Alternate
Edward Rambone, Jr., Alternate

Dean N. Costakos, Alternate
Calista McDermott, Clerk


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POSTED:  November 26, 2014


                                                                                                           TOWN OF SCITUATE





Of Hearing on Applications for Special Use Permits, Variances and Appeals under the Zoning Ordinance:


Notice is hereby given that the Zoning Board of Review will be in session at the Town Council Chambers, 195 Danielson Pike, N. Scituate on Wednesday, December 17, 2014 at 7:30 pm when all persons interested will be heard for or against the granting of the following applications for Special Use Permits, Variances and Appeals under the Zoning Ordinance.


Case #1149, Alexandre, Michelle (owner Richard & Ora Nerenberg).  Location of premises 1485 Plainfield Pike, listed on Assessor’s Plat 52 – Lot 34; RS120 under the Zoning Ordinance.  Request for a Special Use Permit for dog obedience training in an existing barn.   



Minutes of the November 25, 2014 regular meeting.



Applicants must submit all documentary evidence (i.e. expert reports, drawings, surveys, deeds, photographs, etc.) to the Zoning Clerk no later than five (5) days prior to the date of the hearing. This also applies to objectors (abutters) who seek to introduce documentary evidence for the Zoning Board of Review to consider at the hearing. Abutters shall be provided with a copy of this requirement as part of the notification they receive in advance of the hearing.


If the applicant or objector fails to submit documentary evidence in advance of the hearing, the Zoning Board of Review may, in its sole discretion, continue the hearing to a later date to allow for a review and evaluation of the proffered documentary evidence.




By order of the Zoning Board of Review

Kenneth P. Borden, Chairman


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